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Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 in Philosophy Friday | 0 comments

The New Testament Hints to a Full Christian Society

484860_435445163205329_1894643505_nThe New Testament give us a good hint of what a full Christian society would be like. Maybe it even gives us more than we can handle.

It tells us that there will be no free-loaders or gold-diggers; if a man does not work, he ought not eat. Everyone is to work with his own hands and everyone’s work is to produce something good. There would also be no production of useless luxuries and even more useless advertisements to persuade people to buy them. We would have complete respect and obedience to all those properly appointed to authority over us, children to their parents, etc. It would also be a cheerful society; full of singing and rejoicing because worry and anxiety would be seen as wrong.

If this society actually existed for us to visit we would all come away with a variety of impressions. Maybe believing that economically it was socialistic, or that its family life was old-fashioned. We would all probably like some bit and pieces of it but very few would probably like the whole thing. This is what we could expect if Christianity is the whole plan for the human race.

We’ve all gone our separate ways, wanting to make our own modifications to the original plan and say “THAT” is the correct plan. We’ll find this over and over again in anything that is called Christian. People are attracted to small parts and only want to pick out those small parts and leave the rest. This is why we don’t get much further and why people who are asking for things completely opposite can also say they are fighting for Christianity.

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