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Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Tuesday Truth-day | 0 comments

The Real Jesus?


*Tuesday = Truth-day* — Mentioning the “Jesus Seminar” last time, it’s important to know they were very up-front about their goals.  They say they want to rescue the Bible from fundamentalism and to free Americans from the “naïve” belief that the Jesus of the Bible is the *real* Jesus.


Those leading the charge wanted a Jesus that’s relevant for today, saying that the traditional Jesus didn’t speak to our current needs.  One even went so far to say, “we need a new fiction.”  What they have in mind is a totally new form of Christianity.


Basically, what they discovered is what they already had in mind to find, and the one constant they all agree on is that Jesus, first of all, must be naturalistic.  In other words, whatever is said about Him, Jesus was just a man like you and me.


To summarize what the Jesus Seminar came up with:  Jesus and His early followers didn’t see Him as GOD or Messiah, His death had no significance, the crucifixion was unfortunate and untimely, and stories of His resurrection came later as a way of trying to deal with the sad reality.  Is this a fair assessment of the evidence?  We’ll begin taking a closer look next week.

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