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Posted by on Jun 23, 2013 in Sunday Science | 0 comments

Standards of Proof

sundayscience*Sunday Science* — Different courtrooms have different standards of proof.  What standard of proof would be appropriate in a theological/scientific sense?  What is the evidence for GOD we’re looking for?


One extreme is to deny that there is any evidence for Christian belief and just say, “All we need is faith.”  This is known as *fideism*.  The truth is, we can’t absolutely prove – or disprove – that GOD exists.  Because of this, many believed that arguments for GOD don’t work and we have no basis for faith.  Darwin added to this by claiming natural methods could explain design without a Designer and there was no reason to believe in GOD.


Believers had a choice: 1) reject faith or 2) reject the idea that you need a foundation for faith.  Most believers took option #2 saying, “I believe and don’t need a reasonable basis for it.”  This led to the conclusion that faith and science were in two completely different areas.  But there’s a third option called “Inference to the Best Explanation”, taking the whole range of hypotheses and infer to the one providing the best explanation.


Example: deism and theism can both explain the beginning of the universe but only theism can explain the evidence for design in biology after the beginning of the universe.  So theism has better explanatory power.  Also, when looking at cosmology, physics, biology, and human consciousness, we’ll find that theism has a huge scope of explanation and power.  A theistic God explains the evidence more simply, adequately, and comprehensively than any other worldview, including naturalism and pantheism.  In fact, confirming and supportive evidence is growing quickly.  We’ll continue to explore the evidence in the coming Sundays . . .

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