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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Philosophy Friday | 0 comments

An Open Perversion

philosophyfriday*Philosophy Friday* — There are perversions of many things but none so much as found in the perversion of sexual instinct.  For the last few decades we have been fed lies about sex in every possible way.  We have been told that sexual desire is the same as any other natural desire and we should stop trying to keep everyone quiet about it and everything would be better.


Many believe sex is a mess because society was taught not to speak of it openly or unashamed.  But for the last few decades it has been spoken very openly.  It is talked about publicly all day long and is still a mess.  It has not made anything better.


They say, “Sex is nothing to be ashamed of.”  This could mean two things.  If they mean “the fact that the human race reproduces itself this way and that it gives pleasure”, then, they would be right.  Christianity says the same thing.  If anyone says that sex itself is bad, Christianity would contradict them immediately.  But if they mean “the state which sexual instinct has now fallen into”, then, they would be wrong.


There is nothing to be ashamed of in enjoying something, but there is everything to be ashamed of when the world makes that *thing* its main interest, spending their time looking at images, listening to songs that glorify it, or constantly reading about it.  We’ve grown surrounded by misinformation in favor of lust.  The world wants to keep us inflamed because a person with an obsession has very little self-resistance.  GOD knows out situation and will take things into consideration but what matters most is our sincerity and perseverance to overcome them.

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