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Posted by on Aug 4, 2013 in Sunday Science | 0 comments

Something That’s Not Nothing

sundayscience*Sunday Science* — In April 2002, “Discover” magazine printed an article reading:  “Quantum theory…holds that a vacuum…is subject to quantum uncertainties.  This means that things can materialize out of the vacuum, although they tend to vanish back into it quickly.  In 1973, an assistant professor at Columbia university names Edward Tryon suggested that the entire universe might have come into existence this way”


However, these subatomic particles the article talks about are called “virtual particles.”  They are theoretical and it’s not even clear that they actually exist.  Still, even if they are real, they do NOT come out of nothing.  The quantum vacuum is not what most people think – that is, it’s not nothing.  The vacuum is a sea of fluctuating energy, an arena of violent activity that has a rich physical structure and can be described by physical laws.


So this is not an example of something coming into being out of nothing, or without a cause.  The quantum vacuum and the energy locked in it are the cause of these particles.  This leaves us asking, what is the origin of the entire quantum vacuum itself?  Where did IT come from?  They’ve only pushed back the issue of creation.


When a divine Creator is rejected and replaced with the quantum vacuum theory, we’re end up right back to the origin question.

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