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Posted by on Sep 22, 2013 in Sunday Science | 0 comments

Personal Creator

sundayscience*Sunday Science* — One of the most amazing features of creation is that it implies a Person Creator.  There are two types of explanations for creation – scientific and personal.  Scientific explanations explain with certain initial conditions and natural laws.  Personal explanations explain by an agent and that agent’s free will.


There cannot be a scientific explanation of the first state of the universe.  Because it’s the *first state*, it can’t explain anything earlier when considering its original conditions and natural laws leading up to it.  It *has* to be a personal explanation – an agent with free will.


Secondly, the cause must go beyond time, space & matter, and so, cannot be a *physical* reality.  It must be nonphysical or immaterial, of which there can only be two types.  One is abstract objects like numbers or mathematical units.  The second kind would be a mind.  It would make most sense that the universe is the product of an unembodied mind.


The cause of the universe would be a personal agent who has freedom of will.  He can create a new effect without any foundational determining conditions.  He could decide to say, “Let there be light,” and the universe would spring into existence.

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