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Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in Worship Wednesday | 0 comments

He Is Here!

worshipwednesday*Worship Wednesday* — The worship that focuses on GOD first, acknowledging His presence among us, can be unsettling.  We are not welcoming a force to empower us, not invoking the presence of a distant deity.  It’s not about aligning ourselves with good ideas or philosophizing about the concept of GOD.  It’s about acknowledging that He is real.  He is alive.


Making way for GOD in our worship is not something vague or theoretical.  What makes worship truly Christian is its proximity.  GOD is in the room.  Worship is now not only objective, it is also deeply personal.  Songs are no longer just *about* GOD, they are sung *to* GOD.  Worship becomes about responding to GOD’s presence.


The dynamics of the liturgy change from a monologue to a dialogue.  GOD is here, and we will never be the same.  The presence of GOD is no longer out of reach; the Kingdom is here and manifest amongst us.

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