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Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Tuesday Truth-day | 0 comments

Is Jesus a Lesser God?

tuesdaytruthday*Tuesday = Truth-day* — If Jesus was a God, what kind of God was He?  Was He equal to the Father, or some sort of junior god?  In John 14: 28, Jesus says, “The Father is greater than I.”  Some will look at this and conclude that Jesus must have been a lesser god.  Are they right?


In John 14 the disciples are moaning because Jesus said He’s going away, returning to the glory that is properly His.  So if they really know who He is and really love Him properly, they’ll be glad that He’s going back to the realm where He really is greater.  Jesus also says in John 17: 5 “Glorify me with the glory that I had with the Father before the world began.”


Using “greater” doesn’t have to mean ontologically greater.  If I say that the president is greater, we’re not saying he’s a superior being.  He’s greater in military capability, political ability, and public approval, but he’s not more human than we are.  So when Jesus says, “The Father is greater than I,” we must look at the context.  Jesus is about to return to the Father and to the glory he had with the Father before the world began.

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