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Why the name Freedom Church?

The word “freedom” represents liberation and hope. Before we meet Christ we are a people who are in bondage to the desires of the world. We may think that we are free to make any decision we want but we are slaves to the will of the world. We don’t really know freedom because we have never tasted it.

As Freedom Church East Chicago, we are dedicated to spreading true freedom to the people of East Chicago and the Region. This freedom can only come from Christ and the Gospel. As we believe, live, and preach the Gospel in the streets, people get to taste what real freedom is. They begin to see that they no longer have to give in to alcohol and drugs. They no longer have to give in to impure sexual behavior. They no longer have to believe the lies of the enemy and allow the curse to dismantle their family tree. Through the true freedom in Christ, they can live out the liberated life that God has called them to live. They will also have a hope that God is coming back for His church.

We believe that Word of God and the Spirit of God working through the people of God will bring true spiritual freedom to the city of East Chicago and the Region. We believe that Freedom Church will be a church where lives are changed and we are excited to see the awesome things that God will do.

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